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Here we offer news updates, company announcements and changes to course content or to the Peter East training programme. You will also find a useful list of frequently asked questions.

New Amendment to the IATA Regulations

July 11, 2017

Posted by Holly

IATA have issued a second set of amendments to the 2017 edition of the Dangerous Goods Regulations. The 23 page document mainly focuses on state and operator variations, and many of the operator variations amend and further complicate the shipment of lithium batteries. Shippers who use the integrators Fedex or UPS should take particular note as UPS have changed eight variations and Fedex two. Neither of these companies accept lithium ion or lithium metal batteries prepared under Section II – this means that shippers have to comply with either section 1A or 1B of the relevant packing instructions.

There is also a change to the definition of an aerosol and to packing instructions 203 and Y203, which apply to aerosols, as well as packing instruction Y963, which covers ID 8000 Consumer commodities.  Please e-mail us or call our office should you want further details of these latest changes.

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