Our Covid-19 Procedures

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How we're protecting our customers through Covid-19

The safety of our customers and trainers is our top priority. We have put the following measures in place on all of our open courses to protect our customers and trainers: 

Increased cleaning and disinfecting of venues

We have ensured that all venues we use have increased the frequency of their cleaning and disinfecting of meeting rooms. Prior to all courses, rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with special attention paid to high contact surfaces. 

Regulations & course folders

All our regulations & course folders (if in use less than 36 hours after a course) are wiped down and disinfected before re-use. 

Social distancing measures

We have ensured all our training rooms are large enough for delegates to adhere to social distancing. We have also limited delegate numbers per class to also reduce the risk of the potential spread of the virus.

Sanitising stations

All delegates are asked to sanitise at marked stations with alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering, and when leaving meeting and event spaces. 

Allocated desks & seats

Delegates will be required to use the same seat and desk throughout the duration of the course. This will be especially important for courses lasting more than one day. 

Lunches & breaks 

Where before we had buffet-style lunches, we’ve now opted for either plated lunches or lunch boxes to be served to delegates. Delegates also have the option of bring their own lunches too.  

Our expectations from you 

We expect customers to adhere to the social distancing rules – keeping the required distance between other delegates and the trainer. 

We expect all delegates to practice the correct respiratory etiquette. We promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. 

We ask that delegates bring their own pens, pencils, rulers and calculators. Meeting spaces will have stationery available however our preference would be for delegates to use their own stationery. 

If at any time during the course, a delegate (or any member of their household) develops symptoms of COVID 19 we request that they inform the tutor and leave the course.

Please note, Peter East Associates Ltd and its subcontractors reserve the right to discontinue a course or ask an individual not to attend if these terms are not adhered to.

Points you should be aware of.

The venue will have its own rules. 

Though the training will be conducted by Peter East, our venues will have their own procedures which delegates will have to follow. For more information regarding this, please get in touch by sending an email to info@petereast.com 

Shared restrooms 

As the event will be taking place in a shared meeting space, restrooms will be open to everyone within that building or meeting space

Prefer something online? We've got you covered:

We run most of our classroom training as live instructor-led training online. Please visit www.petereast.com for more information or contact us on 020 8953 6721


Need help or assistance?

For help or assistance, please contact us via email at info@petereast.com, Livechat or via telephone on +44 208 953 6721.