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Details of the consultancy services we offer including Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Services and Dangerous Goods Compliance checks.

Details of the consultancy services we offer including Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Services and Dangerous Goods Compliance checks.

Peter East Associates opened a consultancy division in response to continued requests and to complement the training division’s activities. Consultancy clients include a variety of organisations drawn from all sectors of industry, both private and public sector.

A typical consultancy project for example, might feature the preparation of a bespoke Dangerous Goods by Air Course, a CD for training purposes, advice on compliance issues, preparation of a procedures manual and help with preparation of shipping documents for dangerous goods.

Our recommendations are honest and cost-effective

All our consultants have practical experience working with airlines, freight forwarders, integrators or shippers and are fully conversant with road, sea and air regulations. They are all qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers. We also have links to other experts who we can recommend for projects that we may not be able to undertake ourselves. Peter East Associates also offer Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser services and Dangerous Goods Compliance Checks - details on these are given below.

Peter East Associates DGSA Services

Many companies shipping dangerous goods by road are under a legal obligation to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) who holds a number of responsibilities including:

  • Monitoring on compliance with the law.
  • Advising on the transport of dangerous goods and relevant training requirements.
  • Preparing an annual report of the employers’ activities.
  • Monitoring a range of procedures and safety measures.
  • Investigating and compiling reports on any accidents or emergencies.
  • Advising on the potential security aspects of transport.

A company employee can qualify as a DGSA by passing the relevant exam. Alternatively, the company can appoint an external consultant. We have six qualified and experienced consultant DGSAs. We fulfil the legal requirements of the DGSA, advising, preparing the annual report and generally assisting with dangerous goods issues.

Our DGSA service offers you complete flexibility

We can, for example, provide interim cover for short periods while an employee trains to become qualified. Or, we can provide sickness or maternity cover – on an ad hoc basis or under an annual renewable contract. We can provide cover for single site companies or those based in a number of locations. We currently act as DGSAs for fifteen organisations, and are continually seeking to extend our portfolio. We recognise that being a qualified DGSA is not the same thing as acting as an effective DGSA. Although the pertinent legislation only applies to the movement of dangerous goods by road, we cover our clients for despatches by sea and air as well. If you seek any form of DGSA support, please contact us for a detailed discussion of the best options. We also have comprehensive liability cover, and a back-up DGSA available when your prime contact is away.

Dangerous Goods Compliance Check

Unsurprisingly given the complexity of current legislation, many organisations are uncertain about the dangerous goods regulations that apply to them and about the most appropriate way to prepare the dangerous goods for despatch as well as appropriate training for their staff. Which is why Peter East Associates have developed a Dangerous Goods Compliance Check, now available throughout the UK and Ireland. Solutions may vary. We have written a procedures manual for one client and trained personnel for another wishing to deliver their own in-house training. We have commonly written bespoke training courses and developed on-line training . Regardless of the nature of the solution, you will find that Peter East Associates to be flexible and willing providers.

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Our Services
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