Department for Transport Publishes new Dangerous Goods by Road Exception

Posted by Peter East, July 07, 2023

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Department for Transport Publishes new Dangerous Goods by Road Exception

The Department for Transport has updated the approved derogations, transitional provisions and exemptions for the carriage of dangerous goods by road.

Last updated in April 2020, the derogations have introduced a new exception covering the transport of medical gases by healthcare workers. No longer must healthcare workers comply with the requirement of ADR 8.1.4 (the carriage of fire-fighting equipment) when carrying medical gases, set up to administer to patients.

These gases include:

  • UN1072 (compressed oxygen)
  • UN1070 (nitrous oxide)
  • UN3156 (compressed gas, oxidising, n.o.s (Entox))
  • UN3538 (articles containing non-flammable, non-toxic gas)

The exception stipulates that no fire extinguishers need to be carried for UK transport, so long as the vehicle is carrying no more than six cylinders containing medical gases, alongside a regulator, hose and mask to supply a patient. Measures must also be taken to prevent leakage, and healthcare workers should be appropriately trained in health and safety, and a risk assessment carried out.

The exception is just the latest in UK derogations for the transport of dangerous goods, and the announcement once again highlights the importance of full awareness of the UK specific regulations, as there are a number of clauses which can simplify transport for different sectors and industries.

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